Monday, July 28, 2008

Lucky who?

I'm glad my parents are here. They are wonderful and have (unknowingly) distracted me and have kept me from thinking about J (as much). Thank goodness! They distract me from missing that lying, cheating, well... asshole. But... I still miss him. At least I know that I am a good person with good morals who has the strength to do the right thing... as hard as it may be. :(

Spending time with my parents has been fun, but something has gone wrong every single day since they have been here. Like the first day I locked my keys in my car at Greenlake and my dad and I had to wait around for AAA. The rest of the day was fun, though. We had Thai for lunch and walked around Queen Anne. Then we had Mexican food for dinner and watched "The Dark Knight". It was very good.

Sunday went smoothly until later that night. We went to Pike's Market and walked around and had lunch at Etta's Seafood. Then we went to Nordstrom and my mom bought me these great boots. Then, we decided to go to Pagliacci's for dinner and we couldn't find a parking spot. Finally, we saw these people getting into their car so I pulled up and put my signal on. Suddenly another car pulled up in front of me and took the spot. He was screaming and gesturing the whole time. My dad got pissed off and I pulled out of their as quickly as I could.
It wasn't a huge deal, but it kind of put a damper on the day.

Today I had to work, but my parents picked me up from work at 5 and we walked down the Ave. and got pho for dinner. Only problem: my mom had peppers with her pho and then touched her eye. We had to run and get her eye drops to take care of the problem. She recovered pretty quickly, though and we got bubble tea and went to the bookstore.

I'm hoping that nothing bad or even inconvenient happens tomorrow! :)