Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rena's Bachelorette and a Fabulous Weekend!

I had such a fun weekend! Friday night, Rena and I saw "Mama Mia" and went to Thai Ginger for dinner. I thought the movie was really cute. It was cheesy, but it was meant to be cheesy. It poked fun at itself, which made it good.

Saturday was super busy. J came over for awhile in the afternoon. Yeah, that's right, J and I are kind of seeing each other again. It's very complicated. Anyways, we hung out for a little while and then I walked him to his car. He had parked in my spot. And there was a ticket on his windshield. I was really mad. The apartment manager had sworn up and down that nobody would be ticked or towed from my spot unless I asked them to be. J didn't think it was a big deal, though. I am going to argue the ticket for him, though.

Then I hosted Rena's bachelorette party. People started coming over at 2 to help me set up. It was an all day event. We went shopping downtown and went to Happy Hour. Then we came back to my place to get ready to go out, drink, and play party games. The games were hilarious! But since this is a public account, I won't go into details.

At around 9:30, we left for the Can Can. The Can Can is a French burlesque club in Pike's Market. They have great food, drinks, and a great show! The girl who belly-danced was incredible. Near the end of the show they pulled Rena on stage to embarrass her. We got some great pics of that!

Today was super lax. I slept in and went for a nice long jog. Later, Becky picked me up and we went to Queen Anne Cafe for lunch. We totally stuffed ourselves, but it felt really good. Then I went home and took a super long nap on the couch. Now that felt REALLY good! I made myself some hamburger helper for dinner and watched "The Sound of Music". Now it's time to go to bed so I'm nice and energetic for work tomorrow! Yay! It was a great weekend!