Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Few Realizations

In the past 48 hours I have learned many many things. It is only the second day of school, and I had a sub in for me for half the day. Quite frankly, I was lucky that I got to work half a day.

At 5:30 on Tuesday night (the night before the first day of school) my principal called me and told me that the district just called her and told her that I wasn't certified and couldn't teach. Aparantly, the state hadn't received some test scores, which is weird considering the scores are supposed to be automatically sent after you take the test.

Anyways, I panicked. I went in to work on the first day, but a sub had to stay in the room the whole time. After school, I went to the district and asked them to fill out a form for me to get an emergency certificate. They wouldn't do it. They said it wasn't district policy. They told me that I shouldn't go in to work until the certificate problem was straightened out (which takes months). They basically told me that I didn't have a job. I have never felt so expendable in my life. My principal wanted me, my colleagues wanted me, my students wanted me, but the district didn't care.

I spent Wednesday night sobbing. I called everyone I could think of to ask for advice and comfort. And I work with the BEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD! Everyone was very comforting, but things were still very bleak. The whole time I was thinking:

1) How was I going to pay rent without a job?
2) How was I going to tell my parents I lost a job?
But the main thought in my head was:
3) I love my job and I care about my students and I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I wasn't teaching at Madrona K-8.

This was surprising to me. I mean, I've always known that I like my job, I just never realized that I love it. Anyways, today I went down to the state office and talked to an angel named Linda who convinced Seattle Public Schools to sign off on my emergency certificate. I spent half the day driving back and forth from Seattle to Renton with various documents, but I finally got my permit and was able to teach this afternoon. Through all of this trauma and stress I've learned some very important things:

1) Keep all important documents in a safe place! If I had just saved a copy of my test scores none of this would have happened!
2) I am expendable to the school district.
3) I am not expendable to my colleagues and students.
4) I love my job.

A stressful 48 hours, but I learned a lot. I love teaching!


~E said...

Hey Katie,

Just letting you know that Im glad everything worked out for you!