Sunday, December 7, 2008


Lots of things on my mind today. I'll make a list.

1) How can you save a friendship that has always been important when all of your efforts are thwarted (that's right, I used the word "thwarted")?

2) Am I denying a vital part of who I am by thinking about becoming a member of a non-denominational Christian Church? I am Catholic, after all.

3) How can I get a really good workout in a very limited amount of time?

4) I feel like I've run out of really good adult books to read. Any suggestions?

5) What should I give Justin for Christmas?

6) How can I continue to be motivated in a job that has almost completely drained me in three-and-a-half months?

7) Is it weird that after reading the "Twilight" series and seeing the movie, I kind of want to be a vampire?

Food for thought.


~E said...

Maybe you should talk to the friend in question before airing it out online?

Just my thoughts...

Kate said...

Have talked to her about it. It's hard because she travels so much. She never reads my blog. That's why I posted it. What do you think?

Renars said...

Twilight is good. I haven't read book 4 yet though.