Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"The Yearbook" (unedited)

This is my unedited edition of "The Yearbook". A personal narrative I wrote for my kids. Enjoy!

“Casey, can you sign my yearbook?” I asked tentatively, handing him the dark blue book. I was nervous. Casey was the cutest boy in the 8th grade and I’d had a crush on him for the LONGEST time. Nearly three months, which was forever in junior high terms. But if you saw Casey, you would understand. He had dark brown hair, nearly black and it fell against his forehead in the most alluring way. He dressed casually in t-shirts and the perfect baggy jeans. Not too baggy, but just baggy enough to make him a “skater” boy. He was smart, too, which was probably the main reason I liked him. He took all advanced classes and seemed to ace them all. He was also nice to me, which was a major plus. I had been pretty sure he would sign my yearbook, but now as I held the book out to him, doubt began to creep into my mind.
“What if he refuses to sign it?” I wondered hopelessly.
“Sure,” he said, giving me a crooked smile, his blue eyes twinkling.
Suddenly, the bell rang. Students began racing into class and taking their seats. Guys were slapping hands and cliques of girls giggled and whispered as they sat down at their desks. I looked at Casey.
“I’ll get it back to you at the end of class.”
“Okay,” I stuttered nervously,
I rushed back to my seat next to my friend, Christina. Conveniently, Casey was seated directly across from me. I quickly pulled out my “World Studies” textbook and a blue spiral notebook. Geography class was about to start. And Mrs. Thomas demanded our rapt attention.
“Now class,’ Mrs. Thomas said. ‘Please turn to page two hundred and ninety one of your textbook. Suddenly, I felt somebody nudge my elbow.
“Pssssst”, I turned around. It was Christina. She nodded in Casey’s direction. I looked over and saw him. He had his yearbook in my hand and he was slowly turning the pages. He was going through my yearbook. No, wait, he wasn’t just going through my yearbook, he was reading the messages in my yearbook., the personal messages from my closest friends. Many of these messages said things like:

Dear Katie,
I hope you have a fantastic summer! I hope that Casey falls in love with you in the next few weeks and you have the most perfect romantic summer ever. Stay sweet!

“Eeeeeeeeek!” I said this in my head. Not out loud, thank God! Well, if Casey had any doubt at all in his mind that I liked him, that was all over now. He now knew that not only did I have a crush on him, but I dreamed of us going steady through high school and going to the same college and getting married and living in a two story red-brick house with a three car garage similar to the one that my family lived in now.
I watched in horror as Casey leaned toward Brandon, his best friend who also happened to sit next to him in class. It should also be mentioned that before I had started pining away for Casey, I had had a crush on Brandon. This was just too much.
I watched as Casey pointed to something in my yearbook. Brandon read it and smiled.
“Kill me now,” I thought as I buried my head in my book.
I spent the remainder of class simultaneously watching the clock and trying (rather unsuccessfully) NOT to watch Casey.
2:13…, 2:13 and thirty seconds…, 2:14… 2:14 and thirty seconds…, 2:15. Finally! The bell rang it’s annoying “buzz” sound. Class was over. I slowly got up and turned to Christina.
“Well, what are you waiting for?” She said, smiling at me. “Go get your yearbook”.
I slowly walked toward Casey. His things were piled neatly on his desk: spiral notebook on top of binder, textbook on top of spiral notebook. And on top of the spiral notebook was my yearbook.
He smiled at me as I stopped at his desk.
“Thanks for signing it,” I said, stuttering.
“No problem,” Casey said, handing me the yearbook. And then he winked at me. I nearly fainted.