Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Great Day!

It's late and I'm exhausted, but I felt the need to share the great day that I just had. First of all, work went really well. BOTH the girls' and the boys' Language Arts class went well. The afternoon was okay, not as great, but certainly better than usual. And RR is still suspended, so the last class was slightly easier. So, I left work in fairly high spirits.
And, thank the Lord, I saw J today. Granted it was only for twenty minutes, but let me tell you, twenty minutes with J is better than a couple of hours with any other guy I've dated. I think that's saying something.
It's also just so nice having a home. I am living in a place where I feel completely comfortable. I feel like I can hang out in my living room and lay on the couch without feeling all tense like I was just making myself at home in someone else's house. In someone else's house whom I don't like. Not a nice feeling. I feel totally at ease here and I'm very happy.
Now my 7th grade class, the Kool Clan just needs to kick some middle school butt tomorrow during Spirit Day and I will be completely content. :)