Sunday, July 13, 2008

Typing is Tough with Tendonitis

I've had this pain in my left thumb for a few days now. It hurt right at the joint connecting my thumb to the rest of my hand. The pain had been tolerable, just a little annoying. I figured I had slept on it funny and that it would feel better in a few days. Needless to say, I was wrong.

I tossed and turned all last night. The pain kept me up. When I woke up the next morning I called me dad and he told me that he thought I should go the the ER. It was hurting really bad. I didn't want to drive with how bad my hand hurt, so I called my friend, Jessica, but her phone was turned off. That's when I started feeling sorry for myself. I know all my other good friends were busy or out of town and I knew that Jessica was really the only person I could ask. Jessica has always "mothered" me a little. She's been a big sister to me since I met her my freshman year. Anyways, I went into full panic mode. I started crying like a baby. I haven't cried in a really long time! It wasn't the pain, really. I just felt very much alone. I hated the idea of driving to the hospital alone and waiting for hours in that horrible waiting room. Probably the worst experience I ever had in my life took place in an emergency room and I just didn't want to be there alone.

Just when I had resigned myself to going alone, Jessica called. Thank Heavens! Of course she dropped everything and came to pick me up. She drove me to urgent care and stayed with me the entire time. Jessica had her Wedding Shower yesterday, so she was pretty tired, but she took care of my anyways. Now that is a friend! She made my feel less alone in the world. It's wonderful to have a friend like that.

Well, they did X-Rays and the doctor diagnosed me with tendonitis. I have to wear a brace for two weeks and if it doesn't start feeling better in a couple of days I have to start physical therapy. Pooey! Now you might be wondering what caused this tendonitis. The only thing I can think of is the many times I've lifted those 7-year-olds up to reach the monkey bars. Well, no more lifting for me.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Only Human

Well, the bachelorette party that I have been planning has completely changed. And I am relieved about that. I think these changes are good changes, but it was stressful to make them. I don't know... I find it so hard to please everyone all of the time. And trust me, it's something I work very hard at. I feel like I try so hard to be agreeable all of the time that when I finally lose my temper, people think I'm being unreasonable because they are so used to me being complacent. Aaaaaaaah!!! Maybe I need to work on being more of a bitch. That way when I lose my temper it won't surprise anyone. I am trying my best. Let me just say that. I am trying to be a good teacher, counselor, friend, daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin, organizer, writer, mother to a dog, roommate, bridesmaid, PERSON! And don't get me wrong, I relish being all of these things. I love it! It just can be a little much at time. It is hard trying to be perfect, especially when you know you are nowhere NEAR perfect. Again, let me say that I am trying my best and will continue trying my best. Just allow me my moments of humanity now and again. It keeps my sane. :)