Sunday, June 15, 2008

My New Signature Scent!

So, it suddenly occurred to me that I've been wearing the same perfume for about ten years now. I think it's time for a change. While there is nothing wrong with Clinique Happy, I just feel like it has gotten a little old and worn and predictable for me. My thoughts were confirmed when I went on my "date" yesterday and Melody asked me if I was going to wear perfume and I said "yes, Clinique Happy" and she made a face and told me to wear some of her more sexy perfume. So, today I went to U Village and went on a little shopping spree to cheer myself up from yesterday's awful date. The goal was to find my new scent.
Well, I must have spent about an hour at Sephora sniffing perfumes. I wanted something new, something sexy, yet subtle. Something innocent, yet seductive. ;) I didn't want anything predictable like Chanel #5 or Calvin Klein's Obsession. Nor did I want any of the new bestselling perfumes. I wanted something unique. And I found it, so don't steal it. Nanette Lepore. Don't steal it. It smells so good. It's going to be my new signature scent, so hands off!


~E said...

i went on a little scent searching a couple years ago too. my scents? DONT LAUGH: paris hilton, and aqualina "pink sugar"

Kate said...

I'm not laughing. I almost bought "pink sugar", but that was one of the top selling ones. :)

... said...

Yeah! I can't wait to smell it throughout the house. Such a nice scent. And a perfect time for "Change" :)